Social Progress Index: States and Districts of India

In collaboration with Social Progress Initiative, The Institute for Competitiveness is pleased to release the Social Progress Index: States and Districts in India report, mandated by the Economic Advisory Council, to the Prime Minister of India.

Competitiveness Roadmap For India@100

India Competitiveness Initiative is a multiyear effort towards enhancing prosperity and ease of living for its citizens. The initiative is a collaborative effort between EAC-PM, The Institute for Competitiveness headed by Dr. Amit Kapoor, Prof. Michael Porter and Dr. Christian Ketels from Harvard Business School.

Status of Foundational Literacy & Numeracy in India

The report on the State of Foundational Literacy and Numeracy in India highlights the importance of early education years in the overall development of a child. It further highlights the role of well-planned early interventions like the National Education Policy (2020) and the NIPUN Bharat guidelines, leading to long-term improved learning outcomes.

Index on Quality of Life for elderly

The Index on Quality of Life for Elderly 2021 represents a beginning in taking the first step in establishing a complete understanding of the elderly population around India’s States and Union territories.