Monuments of National lmportance

There has been almost no discussion about the existing list of monuments of national importance and how a monument or a site is so declared. Scores of minor and insignificant monuments have been declared as MNI. Therefore, the current list requires immediate attention for drastic rationalisation.

Documenting Traditional Knowledge

Ideas and inventions have been passed down from generation to generation within many communities since time immemorial. Today’s practice can be defined as a collective understanding of all inventions and developments that occurred over time and were then passed down as Traditional Knowledge (TK).

Status of Women in India

Gender inclusivity has emerged as an important leitmotif in global policy dialogues. India’s gender divide has been a matter of extensive debates and discussions.

Beekeeping Development Committee Report

Beekeeping is an important activity that supplements and compliments agriculture and provides nutritional and economic security to rural communities worldwide.