Individual Papers/Articles by Chairman & Members

  1. The Indian Fiscal-Monetary Framework: Dominance or Coordination? by Ashima Goyal
  2. All you wanted to know about Jobs in India – but were afraid to ask by Surjit S. Bhalla
  3. Change the Chamber Music by Bibek Debroy
  4. The Anatomy of Equity by Bibek Debroy
  5. Demand-led Growth Slowdown and Inflation Targeting in India by Ashima Goyal
  6. Public Order and Disorder by Bibek Debroy
  7. Much ado about an impractical idea by Bibek Debroy
  8. Police Story 2: Maybe we should bring the beat constable back by Bibek Debroy
  9. Police Story: How to save the most backward force in our public service by Bibek Debroy
  10. Dispensing Macroeconomic Policy Advice to Developing Countries: The IMF’s Article IV Consultations by Rathin Roy
  11. Room at the Top: An Overview of Fiscal Space, Fiscal Policy, and Inclusive Growth in Developing Asia by Rathin Roy
  12. Finance Commission of India's Assessments: A Political Economy Contention between Expectations and Outcomes by Rathin Roy
  13. The Public Education System and What the Costs Imply by Rathin Roy
  14. The Paris Package: Setting the Finance Agenda for Climate Action by Rathin Roy
  15. Delivering a Sustainable Financial System in India by Rathin Roy
  16. Financial System for Sustainable Development in India by Rathin Roy
  17. India’s Experience with Sub-National Fiscal Responsibility Legislation: Performance and Challenges by Rathin Roy
  18. History and Evolution of the FRBM Act: Issues and Challenges by Rathin Roy
  19. Fiscal Policy Consequences of Digitalization and Demonetization in India by Rathin Roy
  20. Universal Basic Income: A Disturbing Admission by Rathin Roy
  21. Should States Target a 3% Fiscal Deficit? by Rathin Roy
  22. Articles by Ashima Goyal in Business Line
  23. How Aadhaar Can Help Shape India’s Health Policy By Shamika Ravi
  24. Which are heritage railways? by Bibek Debroy
  25. Diamonds aren't forever by Bibek Debroy
  26. Requiem for Delhi's Ring Railway by Bibek Debroy
  27. Macroeconomic Policy for an India in Transition by Ashima Goyal
  28. The Effect of Oil Shocks and Cyclicality in Hiding Indian Twin Deficits by Ashima Goyal
  29. Government Expenditure in India: Composition and Multipliers by Ashima Goyal
  30. Active Monetary Policy and the Slowdown: Evidence from DSGE Based Indian Aggregate Demand and Supply by Ashima Goyal
  31. Let’s Reread the Constitution Before the Next Big Leap by Bibek Debroy
  32. Disappearing sparrows: Urbanisation and the flight of the sparrow by Bibek Debroy
  33. Macroeconomics and Markets in Developing and Emerging Economies by Ashima Goyal
  34. Articles by Ashima Goyal on East Asia Forum
  35. Evaluating India’s Exchange Rate Regime under Global Shocks
  36. A slowdown in Bank Credit Growth: Aggregate Demand or Bank Non-performing Assets?
  37. Portfolio Composition and Valuation Effects in Emerging Market Economies
  38. Money and business cycle: Evidence from India
  39. Active monetary policy and the slowdown: Evidence from DSGE based Indian aggregate demand and supply
  40. Government Expenditure in India: Composition and Multipliers
  41. The Effect of Oil Shocks and Cyclicality in Hiding Indian Twin Deficits
  42. Insights from Behavioural Economics on Current Policy Issues
  43. Estimating the Relationship between the Current Account, the Capital Account and Investment for India
  44. Price Discovery in Indian Government Securities Market, Monetary Management and the Cost of Government Borrowing
  45. What Explains the Volatility of India’s Catch-up Growth?
  46. Indian Banks and the Prevention of Corruption Act: Freedom and discipline
  47. Measuring Indian GDP: Arvind Subramanian Can’t Be Taken Seriously’ (with Abhishek Kumar), Bloomberg Quint, June 18, 2019.
  48. Modi’s post-election reform priorities’, East Asia Forum, June 14, 2019
  49. Restoring balance in monetary policy’, Hindu Business Line, June 2, 2019
  50. Why are Indian growth rates so volatile?’ Business Standard, June 3, 2019
  51. Interview: ‘Scope for stimulus despite fiscal consolidation target, says Ashima Goyal’, Business Standard, May 28, 2019
  52. The NDA has its task cut out’, Hindu, May 25, 2019
  53. GDP measurement and the slowdown, Business-Standard, August 21, 2019
  54. A roadmap for India’s 15th Finance Commission, EAF, August 9, 2019
  55. Ill-effects of neglecting macroeconomics, HBL, August 5, 2019 (online Aug 4)
  56. Correlated Shocks, Hysteresis, and the Sacrifice Ratio: Evidence from India
  57. Policy transmission in Indian money markets: The role of liquidity
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